Louise Wijnberg

Institute: Art & Conservation

Country: The Netherlands

Louise Wijnberg (PhD) is an independent Painting Conservator of Modern Art, Art Historian, Lecturer and Technical Researcher. Since 2018 owner of Art & Conservation (A&C). She did her studies in painting conservation at the Sorbonne (MST), Paris, PhD 1987.

From end 1986 – October 2018 she worked as Painting Conservator at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. For 32 years she was involved with the Conservation Programs of Malevich, Barnett Newman’s Cathedra, Colour Field Paintings and Johns and Pollock, De Stijl, the Conservation of works by Cobra Artists and Wall Paintings of Karel Appel. Artists and related subjects on which she published.

Since 1987 she is involved with teaching in other Conservation Programs in the Netherlands and abroad and member of Research Commissions of RCE. (Artist Interviews, Dry Cleaning, Water sensitivity of Modern Oil Paintings). She is a guest-lecturer at the University of Amsterdam.

From 2021 onward she is a researcher on the painting materials and techniques of Karel Appel (Karel Appel Foundation).

In May 2021 Louise Wijnberg recorded a lecture on conserving wax-resin lined paintings by Malevich especially for the masterclass. The lecture is available through this subpage on our website: Lecture 7: May 2021 – Louise Wijnberg

The corresponding literature list is available through the following link:

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